Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dealing With A Serial Cheater (Iggy Azalea & Nick Young)

#KaylaGotThe411 πŸ’₯
--Yikes..Rapper "Iggy Azalea"  has been having major issues with her ex fiancΓ© Nick Young. Back in April I reported him being blasted by a female who recorded them in a hotel together. How Much Is To Much Before You Walk Away( Iggy Azelea Fiance caught)

 Things went on with the two after Iggy found out. But it seems like the real reason for their most recent split is because he cheated again in their home. And its been rumored he has gotten his childs mother pregnant again. It just seem like Nick is a Serial Cheater.He gets  thrill out of it. Keep your head up Iggy girl. At least you dodged that bullet.

Monday, June 27, 2016

My Top 3 Best Dressed #betawards

My top 3 best dressed at the #betawards tonight. All 3 ladies looked stunning. @meagangood @letoyaluckett @nandimngoma πŸ‘Œ
I saw people wearing long sleeve dresses and I hear its over 100° in Cali. These 3 looked beautiful and comfortable. I wasn't impressed this year fashion wise.

And thank you Meagan Good for checking out my post. This is a big deal when celebrities take notice to a post or tweet. πŸ˜™

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jam of The Week-Nicki Minaj & Jerimiah Don't Hurt Me

#pressplay πŸ”ŠπŸ”Š

@nickiminaj & @jeremih teamed up with @djmustard with a new single called #donthurtme which I love Nicki's verse as always. Take a listen and give thoughts.Is it πŸ”₯ or is it πŸ’€ You can purchase it on Tidal now and check out full song


Casual Wednesday #ootd

Top: Topshop
Shorts: Kohls
Shoes:Nine west
Handbag: Calvin Klein

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

5 signs he's leading you on

Being lead on is not a good feeling. Most men don't realize the different meanings of leading a woman on. For one sending mixed emotions. You can't do boyfriend duties and not make this woman your girlfriend and get mad when she do girlfriend things like question you.  It's so many women who clearly are dealing with a man whose wasting their time. I posted this Sunday its already at over 600 likes and counting on my Instagram. Its amazing. So many women are reposting, sharing.

 I knew this had to be my next blog post. More women than it should be are either having sex, living, or etc with a man who can't commit. He's saying he's not ready, or he just got out a relationship. These be the type of situations where you end up falling in love, but its unhealthy because he clearly want feel the same.  Ladies I walked away after a year of dealing with somebody I fell in love with years ago, but gave me the "he wasn't ready for a relationship line". I got tired of wasting my time, and being played, lied to and disrespected. I kicked his ass to the curve and it was the best decision ever. I got 5 ways to help you figure out he's leading you on. 

He Texts For Other Reasons Besides A Date

If he never has intentions on taking you on a date that's sign one. This is the number one sign he's leading you on. If he only wants to come over for some Netflix and chill with a side if something else this will go on and on until you say enough. A man that wants you to be his woman will go out his way to impress you, earn you and keep you.

 He wants to act like a couple but doesn't want the title of boyfriend and girlfriend

Men like this want somebody to take care of them and are normally selfish. He probably wants to move in, he wants you to cook, clean and be faithful. But being a couple is a no go. Ladies run for the hills. You will end up 20 years later still cooking, cleaning, sexing him and having no committed relationship. Technically he's not yours. He likes it that way. Can run the streets but still have you at home. 

He Goes MIA a lot

(Missing In Action)

I'm laughing while writing this ladies. I know this is a big one. You know those guys you hang out and everything is great then they disappear, no call, no text. You dont hear from them what so ever. Then weeks or days later they pop back up as if  he's a Secret Agent which you have a 2% chance of being likely. He's probably got a wife and kids somewhere. Men like this are wasting your time, energy and phone number space. He will have you thinking its you, but he doesn't want a relationship if he can't contact you or communicate. Tell him #boy bye

He Always Makes It A Group thing

Whether its with friends, or with you the kids from a previous relationship, this shows he doesn't take you serious. Why have his homies around all the time. Or have his kids. If he wanted to be with you and cared about quality time he would put more effort. The only alone time you guys have shouldn't be only in the bedroom. 

He Claims Titles Don't Matter

Lastly he feels giving a title will ruin what you have. Or does he say, "You Know How I feel About You, You Know What We Got". Hilarious. Ladies you have to be smart and think to yourself what is it do you guys have. Is being with a man and not having him be proud to call you his girlfriend not a goal for you? This is his way of using psychology. He feels if he gives you sex, calls you a few times its enough. Ask yourself is it?

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Putting Him In Friend zone?

Have you ever met a guy who was really nice. He had good morals, and was respectful. Just a overall good guy. But there's no spark, no magic and no affection when you see him. You can't force yourself to be attracted to someone. That's when we put guys in the friend zones without even realizing it. Check out these ways to help you realize when you're putting him in the friend zone.

 Not  Showing Affection

He may always try to make flirtatious jokes but you never give in. Or does he try to hold your hand and you pull away. Not because he has sweaty palms but because he just doesn't do it for you that way. You aren't attracted to him in that way. He may think something is wrong with him. You should just tell him we are better as friends. 

Not wanting friends and family to think more

If you go out on a friend movie night with him, and friends and family think its more, you may find yourself getting very offended by it. In your eyes its not serious, or anything like that. You just want to see a movie. He may think its a date too. Don't lead him on. He may get so excited thinking he has got you, but truly you just want to see the damn movie. Let him know,pal let's go see a movie "Pal, Buddy,Homie". Throw that in. Hopefully he understands.

 Flirting In Front Of Him

If you are hanging with him and you have no problem flirting with others. Think about it? If you were some what into him you wouldn't do that.  By doing that you may hurt his feelings but if he is smart. He would understand, "This girl doesn't like me". 

 No rush to see him or talk to him

When you really like a guy you will run to the phone when he calls. If your friend guy calls you and you are in no rush to talk.  You're basically saying he's just my friend.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

How To Deal With Your Guy Having Female Friends

What's worse being jealous or crazy? Neither. The last thing you want to be looked at as, is a crazy, jealous, insecure gf. Trust me I've been there. You wonder why he and her so friendly. Well ladies you can't tell him "you can't have female friends". You are going to run him away to her to vent. And the last thing you want is her comforting him. You have to figure out how to except he has a friend who's a female. But before you read these 5 reasons. If you don't trust him. Reading this post is a waste of time 


 Become Friends

When your guy has a female friend or a group of them. As a protective girlfriend you may feel they want what you have. Society has set it up that men are friends with other men, And women are friends with other women. The best way to feel comfortable with him having a female friend is to get to know her. Ask her out for lunch or with a group of your friends. You two may become friends as well. That way you can keep a eye on her true intentions. 

Hook his friend up

If his friend is single, which also is the worse to have. Suggest to your guy that she finds someone to make her happy. If you meet someone at your gym, church or job, set up a double date. If she has a man of her own , she wont have as much time to spend with yours. Sounds selfish, but your guy will still have his friend, and you will have a peace of mind. 

      Have a talk with both them

Sit down with them both and let her know who you are. She should know you are his girl. Once she is aware of who you are. Then things should go smoothly. 

 Trust that they're nothing more than friends

Trust is really important. If he tells you she's his friend you have to believe him. If you think she is after him or its more to the story. You have trust issues to be fixed or either you may be right and need to look into it.

Be mature

Be mature enough to know he is honest and truthful with you. You have to nor be controlling and stop him from being friends with a female. Long as he is truthful and respectful, don't sweat it.