Monday, December 19, 2016

Camila Cabello Walks Away From Fifth Harmony Leaving Only 4

Well another one bites the dust. The group fifth harmony just announced Camila the lead has left the group. She's being doing her solo thing a while now. The new single Bad Things with Machine Gun Kelly is a smash me and my daughter love it. 

After Zayn left one direction the group continued and Zayn went to have success. My only concern is how she did it. Zayn left in a sneaky way nobody knew he was working on solo stuff. Camila just shot a video for her single and performed. So it's been clear. This group wont last after the 3rd album. I can see it.

These girls have been having been beefing since the summer. At the Canada's Much Awards these girls were salty Camila won with her single she had with Shawn Mendes allegedly. Laurens mom went off on Twitter when Camila manager alluded that she won 4 awards that night. Lauren mom had to set it straight 2 of those were fifth Harmony's boo boo. The tweet was later deleted.

Normani was forced to speak out after rumor spread she was being mean and shady when she couldn't think of anything nice to say about former band mate Camila during Facebook live. Damnnn. She had lots of nice things to say about the others though.

Well the group let this statement last night. I wonder how they will do after their lead leaves. I predict Normani is excited she will probably be the lead now.  Oh and they have unfollowed her. 😩 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

2016 Fashion Trends That Are A Must For 2017


2016 is coming to a end in a few weeks. Whether you had a good year, or a bad one. We all can agree this year was all about trends, and being bold with fashion and beauty.
I picked out some of my favorite trends I saw a lot of this year. 


Faux locs

Oh my beautiful sistas slayed 2015 with poetic justice braids. 2016 was big on faux locs. So many beauty salons raised the prices because it was a high demand this year. They are braids that are wrapped into your hair to create length. They differ from dreadlocks which make use of your own hair which is matted to form a dread or lock.
Even celebrities like Meagan good, Rihanna & Tyra banks even gave them a try. This is a trend I'm loving and interested in trying myself going into the new year



The 90s are most definitely a popular trend to steal from. Chokers are a trend that became very popular this year. Chokers look best with a off shoulder top fashion experts say. A simple black choker necklace can change the entire vibe of your outfit. They come in different shades, width, and designs. Its a trend that may stick around a little longer. Mainly because they are so inexpensive.


Furs & Faux Furs

Whether you are a animal lover or not. Furs and faux furs are for both sides. This was a heavy trend this year. Furs use to be something the stars would wear. But between out favorite retail stores forever 21, & top shop. You two can rock them at a good price. And we did this year 


Over The Knee Boots

What's hotter than a fierce woman rocking a fierce over the knee boot? I can't think of anything. Between Kim Kardashian & Rihanna stepping out in fierce boots and online fashion bloggers. This year was definitely topped with the over the knee boot. Normally every year shoe trends change. Just last year the boot wedge was in. I'll look out for this one.


Off Shoulder Tops

A perfect match with the choker are off shoulder tops. Whether they are one shoulder, cut out shoulder  it was a heavy trend. This was a 70s trend and in 2016 us girls brought it back well.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How To Tell Him You Aren't Interested

Sometimes you meet guys and you aren't attracted to them. There is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has a preference. The problem comes when its time to tell them you aren't interested. Guys have feelings too. You have to let them down gently. Some may accept it well. Then you have the ones who's who may get offensive.  You know men hate rejection. Check out some smooth ways to let a guy know you don't like his ass.


The most important thing is being truthful. Let him know you aren't into him the way he's into you. But don't exactly say it like that. Telling him its not him but it's you  is lame, but guess what? The shit works lol. Or if its deeper issues I suggest not going into depth. Unless you two already dated I don't see the need to, but you have to let men know. Any body who leads someone on are super corny in my eyes.

 Avoid Him

Now let me be clear. Sometimes honesty doesn't always work.. If that's your case you have to get ghost. Don't answer calls or texts, or dms. If it has gotten this far, well girl he must be mighty sprung on you.  I say go out get more active. Get busy so you wont feel bad when you say you are busy. It will mean you truthfully are busy.

 Don't Be To Friendly

This is one that to many women do. Smiling and grinding in a man's face and you know you have no interest in him. Accepting date offers, gifts and money will cause a man to flip out on you in the end. By accepting those nice gestures you are basically telling him you like him. 

Play Match Maker

I have done this before. It only will work if you %100  do not want him. I suggest finding somebody who you think may like him. If he had someone who he could kick it with and get to know, maybe he wouldn't sweat you as much. Now if they vibe and get married one day and live happily ever after, don't get jealous.

 Don't Play The "Like Game"

This is something I had to learn. On Instagram and snap chat we have to be careful. Guys who like 20 post or give us the 😘😍😗 emoji. It means something. Don't do the same if you aren't interested. Trust me. I have gone as far as to being friendly and before I know it I got 🍆 in my inbox. Thank you is the best response. Not "thank you're cute too"