Sunday, July 5, 2020

Is Sex On The First Date Okay?

If the drink is flowing, the conversation is electrifying, and the chemistry is there, who is to say it's not possible? You may be preparing for the first date or already went and decided to google " Is Sex On The First Date Ever Okay?"  Now you are here reading this feeling embarrassed. Don't! What I will do is tell you a little about my dating experiences and how sex on the first date has worked out for me. The first date is already pressuring at that. 
Many of us never go on a first date to have sex. You not only worry about your outfit, your hair, your breath but also grooming your private area just to be on the safe side. Ladies why do we always shave down there before going on our first date? Its the bad angel on our shouldering telling us, "Girl  Dont Forget To Shave Your Vagina In Case You Get Lucky"

Is Sex On The First Date Okay?
I will never tell you to pop it open on every first date you go on. If you are like me and have been on tons of first dates you know that is just not ideal or good women's health for your vagina. Some dates go so well that you feel like something special may develop from it. You know those dates where your nerves are all over the place. Soon as you see your date you get butterflies and the entire date goes awesome. It may go so well you go over to each other places to continue talking and things get heavy. It can easily happen to any of us. Sex is something special for many of us. To some people its just sex! If you truly value sex and are waiting for marriage let your date know you're not into that. It could go bad and they get turned off or they completely understand because they really like you. 
I would suggest to all my ladies out there to control your vagina on the first date. Yes, there are many stories out there of couples who had sex on the first date and now have 4 kids, a farm, and are happily married. 

That's real cute, but......
Who is to say that will happen to you? There is a 50% chance he may hit it and quit it. Or he may look at you as being easy. Thinking, all it took was tacos, margaritas, and a movie and she let me hit. I dont think like this but many men have some clouded judgment.  Many men like to think if they sleep around they are cool, but if a woman does it shes a whore. You get where I am going with this? I never want my ladies to get taken advantage of. So I would suggest holding it together on the first date. The first date should only be focused on getting to know one another. This will help you determine if they're worthy of a second date?

  If you're serious about dating and actually wanting to settle down, wait! Make him work for it. Make him court you, and fight to win you.
Also, you know what I have learned from dating? Men love a chase. When I date I have 2 rules on how to dress. It's either thighs or breasts?  My first date outfit will never show a guy too much of both. He has to make me his girlfriend to get that type of privilege.

My Sex On The First Date Experiences

What I noticed from my experiences is that guys entire fake routine ended. You know how guys try extra hard to even get a date with you. I have noticed that if they actually got the first date and happen to get the sex they weren't really into planning a second date after. They wanted to "chill". Which is code for "sex". They feel the courting doesn't have to continue. I have listened to many podcasts from men of all races, ages who talk like this. I would always be disappointed in myself because I always would say to myself after...


Now that I have my sexual feelings under control and I'm responsible I dont even put myself in those situations. After the date, we both get in our cars and go home. 

I found by doing that, it leaves a guy with the only impression of you as a person. Everything you both talked about is still on their mind. Sex on the first date has never worked out the way I wanted it to. The guys always wanted to see me again but for other reasons. Literally, stalking me on when they were going to see me again.

So I Shouldn't Have Sex On The First Date?
Hopefully, you're an adult reading this. I can't tell you what to do. What I will say is figure out what you're doing. If you want to have fun and just enjoy life. Having sex on the first date is probably ideal for you if you really like that person. I suggest being safe and coming prepared. The last thing you want to do is be running to the pharmacy the next morning for a PLAN B pill. If you are looking to date and have a committed relationship like myself then save yourself. Truly take time to let guys know you for you. Don't put yourself in any settings where it can lead to intimacy. Go out enjoy your date and go home girl. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what men think of us or say. It's our body and we can do what we please with it.