Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Caution ⚠️ I Got Feelings!

If you have had a broken heart or two, you will understand, CAUTION,  I GOT FEELINGS title.  If you're single in the year of 2019 I fell you sis. The stages of meeting a guy, things go good, and then he fuck up. It's the same tune played over and over again.  It gets exhausting doesn't it? Having trust issues makes dating extremely difficult.  Sometimes you have to be up front with guys and tell them, I GOT FEELINGS, SO IF YOU'RE NOT SERIOUS,  LEAVE ME ALONE! Maybe not that aggressive, but you get the message.

Nobody has compassion for others feelings. People are playing with one another's  feelings with no care in the world. If you're a hopeless romantic you know that can be so annoying to actually date someone who acts like they're all the way in. Then later show their true colors and turn out to be just a liar & fraud.

What I do is let people know what it's I want. I like to be upfront so we are aware of what each other are expecting out of one another. If they feel you're pressuring them, that right their is a sign they're about to waste your damn time. So give them their termination papers and save yourself the regret.

 That way you both don't have to waste each other time and no one gets hurt. It's not that hard to be up front with people. Many of you have a past of bad relationships and wasted times. So getting involved with people who have no care about your feelings is probably a pain in the a**. I wasted 3 1/2 months with someone and I am upset that they even would play around with me after I opened up about my past experiences.  Caution,  I got feelings. You have to be cautious about how you treat people, and the things you say to them. Making those promises they have no intentions of keeping.

The lesson in this post is to stop playing with people's feelings. If you don't want a relationship,  don't get involved with someone who does and act like you want the same. 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Friday, October 11, 2019

Kayla Got The 411 Podcast: Episode 20 - "Who The F*ck Raised You"

Whats the 411?

-Rihanna On Turning Down The Superbowl
-Witness in Amber Guyger trial Joshua Browns suspicious murder(Special Guest, My Ex lol)

Guy/Girl Talk Discussion:
"Who The F*ck Raised You"?
With Special Guest @theomazing_one from the @the_hangoutpodcast . Whew Chile 😩 wait until y'all hear these stories of our past experiences, you're going to gag

Listen Below:

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