Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jam Of The Week πŸ”₯ The Weeknd Album Star Boy

The weeknd dropped his new album Friday. I have had the pleasure to listen to it and it is so dope. Much more energetic and up then the last album. If you like star boy the single you will enjoy the album. Purchase on apple music

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Singer Kehlani Drops Video To Single Distraction

Yasss Best friend in my head @kehlani just dropped video to her single #distraction . if you aren't familiar with Kehlani I feel bad for you. Not only is she my fav artist right now she has over 3m Spotify listeners a month. And shes grammy nominated boo. Straight out of Oakland writes & sings her own shit. Check out music video above.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

AMAs Best Dressed 2016

#amas Best Dressed 2016
@teyanataylor @haileesteinfeld @ladygaga Are my top 3 bestdresed at this years #americanmusicawards The slayage. Everybody else did a little to much. To casual, or to dressy. They nailed it for real. ♥
looking good girls. 😘


Kanye Does Another CryBaby Rant This Time About Beyonce.

Kanye has lost even more marbles. This fool showed up to his concert last night 1 hr late allegedly. Then ranted for about 30 mins and later ended concert.  During the last rant a week ago. He talked about how Jay Z did not come by the house to see if Kim was OK after the robbery and instead they called. Now his latest rant, he claims he heard Beyonce would not perform live at the MTV awards if she didn't get video of the yr. First off a grown ass man going off about something he heard says a lot about his asss.

I really suggest Kik runs for the hills. This time I think the media won't judge her for it. We will completely understand.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Curse Of Men (Mariah Carey,Jennifer Lopez, Halie Berry

I hate to be petty. But I know you all love when I be petty. I'm having some concerns, frustrations, so many other words also about these 3 beautiful, talented, successful women. I'm just gone spit it out. THEY CANT KEEP NO MAN. I just don't understand why it always ends bad for them. These are 3 of the most beautiful women in the entertainment business. Yes Beyonce and Rihanna are beautiful too. But this post isn't about them. 

So its all over the blogs, now my blog about the big fight Mariah Carey and ex fiancΓ© James Packer. Remember she was married to Nick Cannon and had two twins before that went south. Anyways, well now her and this billionaire are beefing. She thinks he's trying to ruin the holidays. He thinks she's unstable allegedly. I got to thinking, Mariah, Halie, Jlo stay with man drama. They all are similar in age. This is something that's been going on since they were in the beginning of their career.  I don't know if its them or they choose the wrong men. Let's break down the situations with their latest guys. 

halle berry olivier martinez

It's been over a year. Halle filled for divorce, But they seem to still be vacationing and spending the holidays together.  Nahla the 8 yr old with ex-boyfriend Gabriel, had issues as well. Let's not forget that big fight back between Gabriel and Oliver. Now we all know her ex husband Eric Benet who came out to support her other ex David Justice in that twitter rant. He accused her and her PR team of lying about domestic violence in their relationship. Let's just say Halle is not cool with none of her exes.

        Jennifer lopez and casper smart

Now Jennifer Lopez can't seem to hold on to her men neither, but the difference between her and Halle, Jennifer's exes actually like her lol. When she got with back up dancer Casper the world was like #girlstop. But when we saw him by her side and her happy and him playing with her kids by ex Marc Anthony, who recently preferred to them as brother and sister after they shared a kiss online. Anyways 😐. Well Casper and Jennifer are supposedly broken up. It may be their 17th break up since dating. According to people magazine 
She kicked him out because he cheated on her and he got caught,” says the source. “It happened two years ago, and he promised he would never do it again and once he did, she was done.” Jennifer said her self she loves hard. Whatever that means.

            mariah carey james packer

Lastly the Holiday Queen herself. She's dated her manager. Allegedly rapper Eminem some athletics and when she finally had kids, it was with Nick star Nick Cannon. We all were wondering why, and how. But like Jennifer & Casper they grew 
on us as a couple. Only to break up.
Now her and ex fiance James Paker are in a media war. Mariah says he's a opportunist allegedly. 
 A source previously told ET that Carey feels she is owed a $50 million “inconvenience fee” she believes was discussed in prenup negotiations, despite never actually tying the knot

It seems like with Halle its her way or the high way. No compromising in relationships. She's so easy to walk away. With Jennifer she loves and trusts to much. Every guy she dates it seems like she falls hard. With Mariah I can't figure out what her issue is.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Girlfriend or Sidechick ?

Main chick, side chick are both stupid to me. You would think that every woman wants to be the ONLY chick. Guys show you what you are to them by the way they treat you. With his girlfriend he treats her with respect, he cares about her feelings. He doesn't want to hurt her and lies to protect that. With a side chick he is honest and your feelings aren't something he keeps in mind.

He Is Bluntly Honest

If you are dating a guy who opens up to you he's interested in other women than he pretty much gave you what you needed to hear. Sweetie its obvious he's telling you that because he looks at you like a side chick. So he feels why not tell you, you shouldn't care.


Not Bluntly Honest

You know you are his girlfriend and his only when he goes out of his way to protect your feelings. He may have a lock on his phone so you won't go in his phone and stroll through his contact list to see a ex girlfriends number. Sounds petty right? But its because your feelings towards him matters. He doesn't want you thinking anything to make yourself insecure. 

Friendly Verbal Interactions

If he prefers to you as his homie, or his friend is a hurtful but real sign. No kisses, no affection, but you two are actually sexual. He sees you as a friend with no connection. Sis he's just smashing because you are easy and convient. He probably has a main woman at home.


Loving Verbal Interactions

When he asks how's your day. He misses you. He's affectionate towards you. He has feelings for you. Men who love their girlfriend are affectionate to their girl. He actually enjoys talking to you about those messy chicks at your job.  He can see past your vagina into your mind. 

He's doesn't open up to you

A guy who makes you his side chick are very secretive with you about where they work, where they live, sometimes their names. He doesn't want you coming by his home,  or calling his job. Normally guys who see you as a sure thing won't follow you on social media. He has another somebody he doesn't want crossing paths into his secret extra activities with you. 


He told you everything

Girlfriends get to meet the family, friends, co workers even the pets. You probably have a key to his place and has his work number. A guy who is serious about you being a girlfriend looks forward to inviting you into his life.  He knows he wants you, so he's ready to have you in his life. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mike Will Made It & Raesrenmurd Hit Billboard #1 With #blackbeatles

Shout out to @raesremmurd and @mikewillmadeit on their first billboard number one with #blackbeatles that has the #mannequinchallenge going viral.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Coat Season

Its hard to find cute stylish outer wear. It can feel like your jacket is getting in the way of showing off your outfit. Having a statement piece jacket is a must have for the winter. The goal is to look cute and stay warm. Get some inspiration from these stylish coats below.
L.L Bean

Scotch & Soda


                                Tory Burch


                                  Elie Tahari
Lands End



                                Wilson's Leather
Top Shop


                              Marc Jacobs




Saturday, November 5, 2016

Blac Chyna Defends Her Relationship & Blasts Wendy Williams

After reality star and business owner Black Chyna who's real name is Angela got pregnant and engaged to the only Kardashian brother Rob. Well, talk show host Wendy Williams has been throwing hella shade week after week.

 She's been speculating she's not attracted to him and she's using him. Wendy has even gone as far as bashing Chynas mom who also called out Wendy last month. Its clear Wendy hates the entire Kardashian/Jenner family. I guess Chynas no option too. They are a none stop topic for Wendy's hot topics. I think Blac chynas has had enough and went innnnnnnn.