Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Spring is near. I can't wait for the freedom to wear bright colors and booty shorts. Just kidding, maybe. Lets face it, we women love spring and summer fashion and so does the clothing departments . Sale after sale just to rack up on new goodies. Each year there's a trend in the fashion world. We girls love looking in magazine's and Pinterest for inspiration. I narrowed down a few fashion trends for you. I collected from Elle, Harper's Bazar, Marie Claire and etc. I picked the most bearable fashion that you can wear on a day to day basics.  Truthful some fashion trends are only meant for the runway. Let's dive on in.

This was on some of the fashion trends of 2018 surprisingly, 2nd year in a row. I love pastel personally.  It's nice to see designers are using this as a inspiration more and not just for Easter. 😂

Latex is a big fashion trend popping up more heavily in the stores at your local mall. From skirts to dresses. It's sexy and a go to for a statement. 

Taking it back we are? Some glasses you may thought were out of style 10 years ago are now heavily being sold everywhere.  Funky 90s sunglasses are back. Rack up a few pair ladies before the price goes up

Each year Pantone color institute picks a color of the year. It's something designers always use as a go to when creating their collections. Last year in 2017 was greenery. Each year you will see heavily that color on the runway. This year 2018 is Ultra Purple. I have saw celebrities shining in this color since the end of last year. Ladies this purple is bold and strong. 

This must be my favorite. Transparent shoes and purses are so dope to me. It's a trend heavily amongst celebrities and just typical fashion. It's easy to pair with anything because it's clear.

Denim will always and forever be in style.  Played out, no way. Everyone has denim and it makes a great statement when paired on top of one another. But it's all about getting the colors of the denim to go together.
Sequin has always been known as fancy normallly on ball gowns. It is becoming very popular as far as tops and pieces. I even own a pair of sequin shorts from forever 21.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Battle of The Sexes: Blac Chyna vs Safaree

We are only 3 months into 2018 and it has already become scandalous. Blac Chyna who's Rob Kardashian ex fiancee was caught on video giving oral which was leaked. Week later socialite Safaree who's Nicki Minaj ex had his nudes leaked (Allegedly by him).  The Internet reacted very differently in both situations.

Blac Chyna was called every whore and thot you can think of. Her ex Mechie who is known to be a hometown homie admitted it was indeed him in the video but claims he didn't leak it. Noboidy assumed it was him. But he was flattered to let everyone know.
She was apparently so upset about it her lawyers went straight to the police. She turned off comments on social media to stop trolls from attacking her. Now clearly from the video she wasn't the one recording it. Social media was more concerned with her oral performance instead of thinking maybe this girl is upset about having a sex tape leaked.

Attention seeking Safaree who's spent the last 4 years living in his ex shadow had his nude penis pictures leaked. Instead he went on a press tour and later dropping his newest song.

Women all over have been sharing his nudes and going crazy. This doesn't seem like a man who's embarrassed by his penis pictures being leaked. Next day he's throwing money promoting his single.

Why is it when Blac Chyna sex tape was leaked she was slammed, and called a unfit mother. But when Safaree who's based his career off of attention had his nudes leaked, he gets praised.

It goes back to women are not treated the same as men. Let's look at both situations.  They both have celebrity high profile exes. They both have dated around a lot.  Both have been on reality tv.  Difference is Chyna took it serious and went to the police. Safaree went to the breakfast club radio station.

" Why are women put down and not men when faced with revenge porn or leaked nudes?