Monday, August 31, 2015


So my jam of the week is

Jack U (Skrillex & Diplo) ft. Justin Bieber 

I love this song you guys. I love Justin come back and the sound he is going for.You may have saw Justin perform it at last nights #VMAs on #MTV.... Keep it up Justin. Plus DJ Diplo and Skrillex always have great tracks. Beautiful song.
Check out video and song her at this link. Enjoy 

Jack U (Skrillex & Diplo) ft. Justin Bieber 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why Arent There More Monogamous People In Relationships?

More and more it seems like its getting harder and harder for relationships to stay together. Mainly its because someone or both parties are in other full relationships with other people. I am also starting to notice that the other mate is okay with it, or portrays they are okay with it. So why do you think a person stays with a person knowing they are with someone else. Why aren't there more monogamous people? Lets start off on what it is.A relationship of trust where a partner is dedicated to another single partner, or at least apparently to the extent of being in the same zip code,We all know that one woman who is sleeping with a married man. He has a wife and kids at home, yet he is in a full blown relationship with another woman. What confuses me is that most wife's and the side girlfriends are okay with it in today's time. Being with one person only and loving one person sounds normal and ideal and less drama and safe, you would think. But most don't seem to get that.

I think that some may settle for a man who is not with them and them only because they normally don't want to leave that person and start over with someone else. You see a lot of that going on with athletics and entertainers. They are the breadwinners and have build ed a lifestyle for their family. They feel like they are in charge because of that and step out time to time. Its almost a ego thing. I do all this for you, you should be okay with. Many turn the cheek and let it go, because they don't want to lose that lifestyle. That causes them to settle for that persons monogamous ways. Now if you are a person who just don't see your self being with one person,,that's find and its your preference, but let the people you are dating know that. Don't hurt people or lead people on.

Some reasons why people start a new relationship when they are dating someone is mainly because of lack of intimacy, or they just crave intimacy. They want control, or they lack willpower, They want variety. Or they are just selfish, and greedy. Instead of having one mate, they want a team full. And lastly the reason why a person has a lack to be monogamous, is because YOU ALLOW IT.

Hope you enjoyed by blog post.Share thoughts.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Is the engagement ring a deal breaker for you?

Being engaged is a special thing. It means the person has made the first step to making you a important factor in their life. It means, they want you and only you. Now I have never been engaged or married. But I want to know ladies is the engagement ring a deal breaker. Seriously if he proposed with no ring would that be worse. The engagement ring in my opinion is a outlook of his taste and finances. I will honestly say me knowing myself, I know what kind of ring I would expect. Its a look at how well your man knows you. I don't like silver, so if my guy gave me a silver ring knowing I only wear gold. I would kinda be turnt off. I would accept. But if the ring was only $20 and turned my finger green. 😨. Yea that would be a sign not good. I want my future man to propose when he's ready and can afford a ring that was affordable but up to part  So if the ring was horrible would you still accept the proposal? Share thought's?

My type of ring I would love Yellow-Princess-Zirconia-Engagement Ring

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jam Of The Week!!!!!

So since last week I will be doing Jam of the week. This week its rapper The Game (Jayceon Taylor ) ft Drake song titled 100. I so love this song. Its catchy, great instrumental. Its my go to car Jam. Check out the video at The Game ft Drake -100 . Stay tune for next weeks Jam😀

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Whats your red flag, when dating?

When it comes to dating, both men and women tend to ignore the key stand out flaws in a person. Sometimes it could be a person looks, or money that may lead a person to ignore those bad characteristics in a person. I myself have done this a lot. You sometimes have to have the person do you wrong before it finally clicks that the person was not at all right for you. Once you have dated a lot like myself you will learn a lot about yourself in what turns you off and are the red flags for you to flee before getting serious with a person.
I read this article from huffington post on 16 red flags us women and men ignored until it was to late. Here are 3 that stood out to me,  and the link to to the full article.

5. "The clinginess. Pretty much all he wanted to do all the time was cuddle (in bed, watching a TV show, etc). If I said I wanted a break just to chill out to surf the Internet for an hour he got upset because he didn't know how I could 'just ignore' someone who loved me and wanted to be with me. I found that weird. In my mind, chilling out and doing different things in the same room implies you're together."

7. "I should have known when he refused to acknowledge me as his girlfriend in public."

13. "We never had sex. I made myself believe it was a phase. It wasn't, it was the end."

These are ones that are key red flags right? So why do we ignore these things until the person actually shows us who they really are. Let me tell you a story about a red flag I ignored. I dated a guy almost a year. I asked him every two months whats going on with us. I want a relationship. Dont waste my time if you don't want a relationship. He kept saying its not that but he was in a long relationship for years, that ended bad. So he didn't want to rush into another one. Well you all I ignored that BIG RED FLAG almost a year. Until I caught him on his Facebook tell a previous ex he loved her. So I ended things. It took a year of me actually seeing for myself to notice okay he is just playing around. Two months after we stop communicating, he gets into a relationship with someone else. I tell that story because I too have been a fool until it was to late. Thanks for reading. Please share your red flags on blog or my social media.

N. Korea Threatens a attack on United States.

Oh my. Here we go again. N. Kora has threaten the U.S basically in there own words played on CNN  Korea make threats to U.S ...Watch video for yourself. This isn't good. With everything that's going on with Isis. This is the last thing we need as a country is to be battling with N. Korea

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jam of the week!!!!

I am going to start doing jams of the week. This weeks and its Selena Gomez single Good For You. I love this song #Selena ... Check out video. Here Selena Gomez- Good For You

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pearl Sunglasses (GET THE LOOK)

Remember Rihanna wore the pearl sunglasses. They were so cute especially cause she paired it with pearl necklace. Get the look only 11.90 off eBay.. Pearl Sunglass. Link Here

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Braids!!!! Summers ending partner

 When you rum out of ideas to do with your hair. Braids are the go to next style. There fun, easy when on the go. Also did I mention how retro and sexy they can be. I have had braids since a kid. I recently just got my braids in. Poetic Justice Janet style. Whether its corn rolls, French vraud, fishtail braid. When your hair fails you. Get braids 🙌

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Robin Thicker ft Nicki Minaj Back Together (REVIEW)

So after a failing album. Robin Thicker is back with a new single ft Nicki Minaj. The song is very funky and pop. Nicki's verse gives it the right amount of spice. Its a good song.  I will listen to it in the car.Its surely a dance song.  So far its good song Its hard living up to see such a big song like blurred songs. Thoughts? Listen to song here Robin Thicker ft Nicki Minaj

Rita Ora, ft Chris Brown -Body on Me (REVIEW)

So finally Rita Ora has her official new single out. If your like me, you have been wondering Rita's next move. She teamed up with Chris for a sexy dueo. I really like it. I always thought Rita was lost in her music direction of music. Love this song Rita. This is a different direction. We get to hear her vocals and show off her skills. Hopefully the following single goes the same direction of this new single. Thoughts? Listen to song here at this link RITA ORA BODY ON ME FT CHRIS BROWN