Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The List?

When you were younger were you the one that made a list of what her dream man would be. Lets keep it real. We all have either wrote down our list, or have spoken about it to a friend. Sometimes that list comes in handy when your older, more mature and your having difficult finding someone who truly makes you happy. I think that every girl should have a list with at least 5 of the must you need in a man. Superficially things are not always important, especially when your goal is love. You could be 6.2 and meet a guy who is 4ft tall and fall madly in love with him. When making your list, 
make sure to put deal breaker things. Here are my five top things I want in the man of my dreams.
  1. Faithful
  2. Affectionate
  3. Ambitious
  4. Family Man
  5. Sense of Humor 

For example if you have a certain religion, I am sure you would want someone with the same religion. That way if you have children, issues don't come up with how to bring up your children. Or if you have a certain type of career. I don't know many doctors who are dating professional pimps. Ladies make a list for your self at lease five deal breakers for yourself. Don't settle because you don't want to be lonely. Its not a bad thing in wanting to be with someone who has traits about them that makes your comfortable. If your tall and feel more confident with someone taller than you, than find you a tall man. But than again don't be the chick with a list of 100 things. Because its  going to be hard to find a guy that way. Love takes us by surprise sometimes, but make sure if you do find love, that your happy with the person and got all the things you wanted in that guy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Right Shoe #ToddlerEdition

I love shopping but whats even more fun is shopping for my baby girl. I am so in love with these shoes I have go her from offline. They are amazing. Kids should wear funky stylist shoes to match their personality. And if your little one is anything like my babygirl, than she must love shoes. Check out these cute spring/summer shoes I got for my daughter.