Friday, February 12, 2016

What His Shoes Say About Him

Some men may think its shallow. But I think checking out a mans shoe is key to understanding who he is. U.S studies have came up with shoe styles and descriptions based on a guys shoes. Its even being reported women judge a mans shoes more then men judge women. I will break it down for you below.

These boots were once know as worker boots, or hiking boots. Are a more popular trend now. Normally men who wear these a lot won't to come off tough. But probably aren't.

Dessert Boots

He has style and knows what is trendy. These suede boots shows he is a masculine, not flashy but takes his appearance serious.

Driving Mocs 

He has style too wearing these. But may take himself to serious. Usually see these guys in the Star bucks line being difficult with the cashier.

A big kid inside. Probably doesn't take himself to serious.

Retro Nikes
He doesn't care about being cool, or what people think. He likes what he likes and does what he wants.

This guy may still be living with his mom, maybe even getting his clothes picked out.

Loafer Dress Shoes
He takes himself serious in a good way. He is about his business and has gentleman style.

Super laid back, and chill. May be a little to chill in life. 

He is the guy who may miss your birthday, your wedding because he is waiting in line for the new Jordan's. Or may have used the rent money up to get new Jordan's. Loves attention, people's opinion about him means a lot.

Socks With Sandals

One word, lazy. Did not take time to look at himself. Not somebody I would count on to meet your parents dressed appropriately.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lady In Red (Valentines Day)

I know you girls are excited about Valentines day. Your man is probably preparing for your special day night, buying gifts as well. You just make sure you look good and show up like lady in red. I know its corny for people to wear red on valentines day....NOT. look who ever came up with that is corny. Showing up on valentines day with a red dress, red pumps is not corny its sexy. Check out these sext pieces to set you in the spirt of lady in red on the most romantic day of the year. Enjoy and happy valentines day.

Valentin Day Date Night 

Don't Forget the lipstickđź’‹

Friday, February 5, 2016

Denim Lovers

Denim is a trend that's never going away. Our grandparents wore them, but each generation puts a twist on the denim.But it's a new day, knew how. We are rocking denim in a whole sexier trendy way then our grandpas. I put together some of the hottest denium trends, I hope you enjoy. And get to shopping lol.









Monday, February 1, 2016

Color Blocking In Fashion

When I was a teen I never knew what color blocking was in fashion. But I was good at it. For people who don't know like I did, Color blocking, is a way of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit. Your outfit has to resolves around a palette of two or more colors, usually in bold and bright shades. Picking colors that contrast well is important. Brown, and black would make a good color combination. But white and black would. Prints and patterns are typically not used in colorblocking. Why because it takes away the "blocking method. Color blocking is so cool, more celebrities are rocking it especially in the spring and summer. But be careful before trying it. The last thing you want to do is look tacky and not trendy. Check out some cool examples I made.

I went to the Art Institute 3 yrs for advertising design. The first year all students had to take a color class. We would mix colors and we made a color wheel from scratch, and a greyscale. Colors were very important to understand as a designer,interior designer period. If you are a artsy person color blocking in fashion should be a piece of cake. Color blocking is taking colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary color combinations. If you don't know what a color wheel is, here's one to help you.